Beauty of Bosque del Apache NWR

My wife, Mary O. Parker, and I have been thinking of the beauty of Bosque del Apache NWF. This is about the time of year when Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge begins to come fully to life. That got my wife Mary to reminiscing about the tours and visits we enjoy there.…
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Pumas in Patagonia

Jeff Parker's photo tour of Pumas of Patagonia.
“There he is!” whispers my wife Mary O. We’re near Torres del Paine National Park, Chile sitting in a van in the cold rain. Mary O. has just spotted a large male puma making his way down the hill to the guanaco kill we’ve been watching for the last hour.…
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Big Bend Photo Tour ~ Trip Report

This year’s Big Bend Photo Tour took place over the second weekend in April 2015. I have never seen the park so green nor have I ever witnessed the profusion of wildflowers that we had. We couldn’t have timed the tour better!…
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Costa Rica ~ Photographing the Frogs

I’ve been busily going through the images created on our recently-completed Costa Rica Photo Tour. One of the surprises of the tour was just how much fun I had photographing Costa Rican frogs! It seems everything is more exuberant and colorful in the tropics, especially them.…
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Magical Costa Rica

Magical Costa Rica captured my imagination the very first time we traveled there. I had been to a cloud forest in Mexico as an introduction to the tropics. That was magical in its own way as I had never experienced the lush profusion of a cloud forest.…
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Whooping Crane Photo Tour ~ Trip Report 2013

The sold-out 2013 Whooping Crane photo tour provided us with many great photo opportunities as well as the chance to observe many interesting behaviors of these endangered birds. At one point we had 10 cranes in sight. In the 1940’s that would have been nearly the entire world population as they had hit a low point of just 15.…
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Big Bend in the Snow

Nugent Mountain in Big Bend, by Jeff Parker
Big Bend National Park is one of my favorite places. When I heard there was a snow storm forecast for west Texas, I started making plans for a quick trip out to photograph Big Bend in the snow. Since that doesn’t happen often there, I had never had the opportunity to experience this phenomenon.…
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Bosque del Apache Photo Tour

Sunrise at Bosque del Apache NWR
Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge in New Mexico is one of my favorite places and a must-do for a wildlife photographer. Mary and I met some friends there the first weekend in December. Our first morning held an extravagant sunrise display complete with a Snow Goose blast-off in front of the wild colors.…
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Honduras for Nature Photography

Join Jeff Parker for his Colombia Photo Tour in July 2016.
When most folks think of going to Central America for nature photography the usual suspect is Costa Rica. Maybe Panama for those who enjoy thinking outside the box. Photographers rarely think of Honduras. But think again because Honduras holds its own wealth of tropical wildlife and I’ve always found it completely safe.…
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Crested Caracara

This boldly patterned raptor is one of the many south Texas specialty birds popular with birders and photographers. The Crested Caracara (Caracara cheriway), sometimes called a Mexican Eagle, acts like a vulture and is classified as a falcon. The Crested Caracara is the only Caracara species to be found in the United States.…
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