7 Tips for Backyard Bird Photography

Photography Play Day
These 7 tips for backyard bird photography will help you make better images of the winged critters that frequent your yard. When doing backyard bird photography there are many things to take into consideration. One, of course, is having the right photography equipment.…
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Whooping Crane Photo Tour ~ Trip Report 2014

We were blessed with good weather for the 2014 Whooping Crane tour. With an ice storm Friday morning and another the next Tuesday we really lucked out even if it was a bit chilly on Saturday morning. This year’s group was interesting in that 3 of the 5 participants were retired Air Force pilots.…
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Hummingbird Photo Workshop ~ 2013 Report

The 2013 Hummingbird Photography Workshop is a wrap and a great one at that! We had a good number of hummingbirds and a great group of enthusiastic participants. Two stations set-up for multiple flash allowed participants a chance to create some great “freeze all the motion” hummingbird photographs.…
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Painted Buntings

We are blessed to have Painted Buntings in abundance each summer here at Red Belly Ranch. But, for such a brightly colored bird, they can be frustratingly hard to spot! Often I can hear them singing their little hearts out but cannot seem to find them when in the more forested areas.…
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Whooping Crane Photo Tour ~ Trip Report 2013

The sold-out 2013 Whooping Crane photo tour provided us with many great photo opportunities as well as the chance to observe many interesting behaviors of these endangered birds. At one point we had 10 cranes in sight. In the 1940’s that would have been nearly the entire world population as they had hit a low point of just 15.…
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Bosque del Apache Photo Tour

Sunrise at Bosque del Apache NWR
Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge in New Mexico is one of my favorite places and a must-do for a wildlife photographer. Mary and I met some friends there the first weekend in December. Our first morning held an extravagant sunrise display complete with a Snow Goose blast-off in front of the wild colors.…
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