INDIA ~ Tigers, Birds & More! Photo Tour 2020

January 30 – February 9, 2020
Madhya Pradesh, India
Tigers, Birds and More Photo Tour 2020 with Jeff Parker

LIMITED to eight (8).   ~FIVE (5) spots left.

This “Tigers, Birds & More! ~ Photo Tour 2020” brings you into the thick of tiger habitat. You’ll photograph wild Bengal tigers-—-the biggest cats in the world.

In addition to at least 14 safaris, each photographer enjoys one (1) full-day permit with no zone restrictions. This special permit provides you with the very same access as National Geographic photographers & BBC film crews.

Wild tigers populations are diminishing, but Northern India hosts more of the cats than anywhere else in the world. 

Bengal tigers are huge & impressive & staggeringly beautiful to behold! Taking in their grandeur and watching them interaction within their true habitat cannot compare to viewing captive animals at game farms or zoos. This experience is a must-do for wildlife lovers, especially those with a special affinity for feline predators.

India Tigers Photo Tour with Jeff Parker, Explore in Focus™

Tigers won’t be our only lens fodder. Sloth bears, leopards, jungle cats and gaur (the world’s largest species of wild cattle) also lurk in the thickets.

Jackals, spotted deer, marsh deer, sambar deer, mongoose, raptors, wild boar, peacocks (Indian peafowl), jungle fowl (the original chicken!), wild boar, gray langur monkeys & macaques are some of the common forest residents that we will see often. Some of these species are threatened, vulnerable, or endangered.

Join Jeff Parker for his India Tigers Photo Tour and photograph monkeys, tigers, birds & more!

The first tiger reserve we visit is Bandhavgarh National Park. This relatively small park boasts the highest density of tigers in the world. Character-laden cliffs and golden grasslands imbue Bandhavgarh with some interesting scenery.

Set among the Vindhya Hills, part of the oldest mountain range in India, Bandhavgarh is also home to over 150 species of birds, and chital, sambar & barking deer.

While at Bandhavgarh each photographer gets to enjoy one full-day photography permit with no zone restrictions. This special permit provides you with the very same access as National Geographic photographers & BBC film crews.  That’s in addition to the other safaris to which you’ll be treated.

Our second destination, Kahna National Park, is one of India’s original tiger reserves.

Kahna was created specifically to save two of India’s endangered species: the tiger & the barasingha. The barasingha (a.k.a.- hard ground swamp deer) numbers less than 500 in the wild, but you have a good chance of seeing -— & photographing —- them here.

With a slightly different climate than Bandhavgarh, you’ll find Kanha’s forest a bit thicker. During your morning safaris enjoy vistas of foggy fields & dramatic silhouettes.

We’ll remain at each shot location until everyone has had a chance to create the images he/she wants. 

Your domestic airfare during this tour is included. When comparing tiger tours, be sure to find out if domestic airfare is included or if you have an additional charge for your in-country flights.  Most of us use the same ground agents so, besides cost, the only real difference will your tour leader.  In this case, that’s me!


IMPORTANT NOTE: This is an estimated schedule & we’ll do our best to stick to this itinerary, but certain conditions may necessitate changes. Good photographic experiences & plenty of chances to view wildlife will be our goals at all times.

Thursday, January 30:
Arrive in New Delhi, the capital of India. You’ll be picked up and brought to your 5-star hotel room so you can freshen up from your long journey.

Friday, January 31:
After an amazing buffet breakfast (we’re serious – it is amazing!) we head back to the airport to catch a domestic flight for Jabalpur. Once we arrive at Jabalpur we’ll be picked up by private transport for the journey to the Bandhavgarh Jungle Lodge.

This 3-4 hour journey offers a fun opportunity to check out the scenery of this part of Central India. We’ll munch on our lunch along the way.

Upon arrival at the lodge you’ll be warmly greeted by the staff & shown to your comfortable quarters. After a short of rest, we’ll enjoy dinner together.

Overnight: Bandhavgarh Jungle Lodge.

February 1, 2, 3, & 4:
Arise before sunrise & head out for your morning safari, accompanied by a naturalist and park guide. We’ll eat breakfast in the field.

We’re in Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve and the tiger hunt is on!

What’s a safari like? You’ll be in India’s equivalent to our Jeep, the “Gypsy,” open-top 4X4’s built by Maruti. As you drive along keep an eye out for tiger footprints (called “pugs”). And keep an ear out for alarm calls as they provide clues as to the tiger’s movements. You’ll also want to look for other signs of a tiger such as scratch marks on a tree or scat along the road.

Tiger photo tour in India with Jeff Parker in 2020Return to lodge for lunch & rest. During our breaks I’ll be available to answer your questions, critique shots, and provide instruction as needed.

Enjoy afternoon tea, a rest & then head back out to hunt tigers. Upon our return, we’ll enjoy a delicious meal together, family-style.

Overnight: Bandhavgarh Jungle Lodge.

Wednesday, February 5:
After our last morning safari at Bandhavgarh and an early lunch at the lodge, we’ll head to our next tiger reserve (Kahna) by private car. The 6-hour drive will take us through rural countryside & vibrant towns.

We’ll make a restroom stop at the sleepy town of Mandla (sacred city of the Gond people) where the Narmada River, second holiest to the Ganges, is the center of activity.

We’ll arrive at Kahna Jungle Lodge to a warm reception. Kahna Jungle Lodge, our home for the next four days, was established in 1987. It sits in the midst of a rich sal forest and was designed to have low impact on the land and the environment.

Check in and rest in your room from the long drive. As darkness falls, head to the common area where folks gather around the fire to visit and share the day’s adventures. Dine buffet style, chowing down on authentic Central Indian cuisine.

Overnight: Kahna Jungle Lodge

February 6, 7, 8:
Wake before sunrise and enjoy a cup of authentic Indian chai, or coffee if you prefer. (We’ll eat breakfast in the field.) Climb aboard your safari vehicle and snuggle in with a blanket and a hot water bottle.

Head back to the lodge for lunch and a short rest. Enjoy a nature walk and learn about the myriad butterflies that live on the grounds.

Or, schedule some one-on-one time with me so that we can review your images and see to any photography-related questions you might have. Don’t ever be shy about asking questions or communicating needs. I am always happy to provide assistance.

Come late-afternoon it’s once more safari time. We’ll return to our jungle lodge for evening tea and later, to enjoy a delicious dinner outdoors under the stars.

Overnight: Kahna Jungle Lodge

Sunday, February 9:
Your final safari of the trip takes place this morning (for those not doing the Pench Extension). We’ll enjoy one last lunch together or take it on the road with us (TBD).

After the morning safari, pack up and head out for the drive to Raipur airport to catch your domestic flight to New Delhi. At the airport, head to the international terminal for your flight home.

Those who choose to keep the fun going with the extension, will travel by private car to Jamtara Wilderness Camp, near Pench Tiger Reserve.

Tigers, Birds and More of India Photo Tour with Jeff Parker in 2020.


NOTE: Extension has a minimum of 4 travelers in order to proceed.

Sunday, February 9:
After cruising through the Indian countryside and mountain roads (watch for monkeys!), arrive at Jamtara Wilderness Camp.

This luxury property has just 10 “rooms” and is home to an ancient banyan rooted on a dry riverbed. That’s where we’ll enjoy a campfire and appetizers after dark. The camp is situated near the village of Jamtara, near Pench National Park.

Tigers of India Photo Tour with Jeff Parker in 2020

Each tented room is nestled into the forest and surrounded by tall Arjuna trees. Your luxury tent is huge. Its open design comes complete with a large private deck perfect for relaxing and listening to the birds or sipping a drink. Although these are tented rooms, the bathroom has been made into a permanent structure for guest comfort.

Time & energy willing, head out for your first Pench Tiger Reserve safari, accompanied by a resident naturalist and wildlife spotter.

Freshen up & then join the others under the banyan tree. There, snack on pre-dinner appetizers around a warm fire. Then dine together family style under the stars by candlelight.

Tigers of India Photo Tour with Jeff Parker in 2020

Snuggle under the comfy blankets with your hot water bottle and sleep well.

Overnight: Jamtara Wilderness Camp

Monday, February 10:
Rise early and head to Pench Tiger Reserve. On our way, we pass through the village of Jamtara where mud, straw, and manure structures provide unique homes to the residents -—- and great photo ops for you. The children will wave and smile at you calling out greetings.

Pench is set in the lower southern reaches of the Satpura Hills. It gets its name from the Pench River, which meanders through the park. This reserve is still in the state of Madhya Pradesh but its southern edge is near Maharashtra.

Over 1200 species of plants have been recorded in this area, including several rare and endangered plants as well as plants of ethno-botanical importance.

You’ll see more golden jackals in action here than at the other parks. Also keep your eyes open for the secretive dhole (the wild dog) and, of course, for tigers and other wildlife.

In the afternoon you can choose to do a safari at Pench or head to the village to photograph the people & unique village setting.

Upon your return, enjoy afternoon tea. This is a great time for us to do image review if you’d like. Just let me know.

Once again we’ll enjoy appetizers by firelight under the stars or perhaps around the impressive mango wood table inside the common area. Dine together for our last meal in India.

Crawl into your huge ultra-king sized bed, complete with fluffy pillows & a hot water bottle for a great night’s sleep.

Overnight: Jamtara Wilderness Camp

Tuesday, February 11:
After a morning safari & breakfast you’ll be brought to Nagpur Airport (3 hours) by private car for your domestic flight to New Delhi.

Upon arrival at the airport in New Delhi, you’ll be delivered to the international airport terminal to check in for your flight home.


  • How to handle dappled light in a forest environment.
  • How to photograph wildlife through understory vegetation.
  • Metering tips.
  • How to pan running wildlife.
  • Tips for photographing wild raptors & other birds.

A note about instruction on my photo tours:
Since skills levels vary so much on photo tours, I tailor my teaching to individual needs.  Please do not be shy about telling me what you need.


    • 10 nights of accommodations (double-occupancy; single is available – email for details).
    • Meals from arrival in New Delhi to drop off at the New Delhi airport on the last day of the tour.
    • Domestic airfare (all flights within India are included in the price of your tour).
    • Luggage weight upgrade on domestic flights (to 20kg)
    • Private ground transportation from arrival to departure.
    • One day on an exclusive full-day photography permit
    • Park entry & permit fees
    • Drivers, spotters, and local guides in tiger reserves.
    • Jeff’s instruction, critiquing, and assistance.
    • An extensive & full-color dossier.
    • Daily safaris while at the tiger reserves (At least 14 of them / 19 for those doing the Pench extension)


  • Airfare to Delhi, India
  • Travel insurance
  • Tips
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Medical expenses
  • Laundry service
  • Phone calls
  • Any other personal items



The bulk of the photography will be done while on safari in an open-air vehicle, which requires no walking or carrying of gear. However, the vehicle does travel over rough dirt roads and sometimes does so very quickly when a tiger is spotted and we’re trying to get to it.

India Tigers Photo Tour with Jeff Parker in 2020


Fly into Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi ( airport code DEL ).


It is important that you arrive in New Delhi on or before January 30th in time to get a good night’s rest. We’ll be catching a domestic flight at noon the next day.


U.S. & Canadian citizens need a visa (eVisa ) to visit India. It can be acquired fully online via the government’s website:

As of November 2019, the cost is $40.

WARNING: Do NOT use these sites to procure your eVisa! (The is VERY misleading!): ~~ ~~

These are NOT official government sites. They (& others like them) add a fee on top of the eVisa costs to “help” you. But the truth is that they don’t actually make it any easier than it already is through the official government site.



You will receive an extensive dossier as your photo tour nears. Among lots of other information, it includes a list of suggested camera gear. If you’d like to peek at the list now, however, click on EQUIPMENT CHECKLIST (PDF).

You do not have to own everything on the checklist. It’s a list of recommended equipment. If you have any questions about the minimum lenses, etc. that will get you through, don’t hesitate to ask!

Please note: I do not have a tripod on the list because most of our shooting is done from a vehicle & space is limited. In addition, luggage weight on domestic flights in India is restrictive. (The tour does include a “weight upgrade,” but that still is relatively tight).


    • DATES: Thursday, January 30 ~ Sunday, February 9, 2020
    • EXTENSION DATES: Sunday, February 9 ~ Tuesday, February 11, 2020.
    • SPACE FOR: Eight (8) travelers ~ FIVE (5) spots left
    • PRICE FOR TOUR: $8495.00
    • PRICE FOR EXTENSION: $1995 (NOTE: Extension has a minimum of 4 travelers in order to proceed.)
    • DEPOSIT AMOUNT: $1,500 for tour / $2000 for tour with extension
    • PAYMENT DUE DATES: A total of half the cost of the tour due 6-months before departure. Remaining balance due 90-days prior to start date of tour.


Please read our Cancellation Policy before purchasing.(Follow the provided link or go to link under “MORE” on sidebar to the right.) Thanks!


At the start of each event, we’ll ask you to sign this liability waiver.  We encourage you to review it before signing up.

Tour only or Tour with extension?

Tigers of India Photo Tour with Jeff Parker in 2020

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