Honduras for Nature Photography

During the 2012 photo tour I led in Honduras one of my favorite memories included photographing hummingbirds in the rain. This rain-loving Crowned-Woodnymph frolicked in the water and was really fun to watch. Photo by Jeff Parker; copyright 2012.

When most folks think of going to Central America for nature photography the usual suspect is Costa Rica. Maybe Panama for those who enjoy thinking outside the box. Photographers rarely think of Honduras. But think again because Honduras holds its own wealth of tropical wildlife and I’ve always found it completely safe.

With lowland rainforest, cloud forest, pine-oak woodland, and mangrove estuaries, Honduras offers many different environments to indulge in some great nature photography. And for those major out-of-the-box thinkers and the truly adventurous there is La Mosquitia, the largest expanse of tropical rainforest in Central America.

For a more relaxed photography trip head to the North Coast and the Lodge at Pico Bonito. With a wealth of tropical birds right on the grounds there is plenty to see and photograph.

For me the song of the Montezuma Oropendola is the sound Central America. Over the course of a few days the opportunities to see and photograph Oropendolas, Toucans, Motmots, Parrots, Hummingbirds, Woodpeckers, tropical butterflies and Neotropical migrants seemed boundless.

A side trip to the mangroves of Cuero y Salado wildlife refuge — where this White Capuchin peeked out its head while we did a boat-based photo shoot — always hosts plenty of interesting critters. And a stay in the so-called “Paris of the Mayan World” — Copán — adds even more to the diversity of subjects you can capture with your lens. So…if you’re thinking of a Central America birding/photography destination consider Honduras for nature photography. The people are friendly and the accommodations great…besides, everybody goes to Costa Rica!