Painted Buntings

We are blessed to have Painted Buntings in abundance each summer here at Red Belly Ranch. But, for such a brightly colored bird, they can be frustratingly hard to spot! Often I can hear them singing their little hearts out but cannot seem to find them when in the more forested areas.…
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Magical Costa Rica

Magical Costa Rica captured my imagination the very first time we traveled there. I had been to a cloud forest in Mexico as an introduction to the tropics. That was magical in its own way as I had never experienced the lush profusion of a cloud forest.…
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NANPA Showcase Winner

Mexican Ground Squirrel, by Jeff Parker
I’m happy to announce the above image placed as a NANPA Showcase Winner. That is to say, in the top 100 in the North American Nature Photography Association’s Showcase competition. It will be one of the images shown during the “Nature and Music ~ Jacksonville Symphony Celebrates Nature Photography” performance on Thursday Feb.…
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Whooping Crane Photo Tour ~ Trip Report 2013

The sold-out 2013 Whooping Crane photo tour provided us with many great photo opportunities as well as the chance to observe many interesting behaviors of these endangered birds. At one point we had 10 cranes in sight. In the 1940’s that would have been nearly the entire world population as they had hit a low point of just 15.…
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Bosque del Apache Photo Tour

Sunrise at Bosque del Apache NWR
Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge in New Mexico is one of my favorite places and a must-do for a wildlife photographer. Mary and I met some friends there the first weekend in December. Our first morning held an extravagant sunrise display complete with a Snow Goose blast-off in front of the wild colors.…
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Honduras for Nature Photography

Join Jeff Parker for his Colombia Photo Tour in July 2016.
When most folks think of going to Central America for nature photography the usual suspect is Costa Rica. Maybe Panama for those who enjoy thinking outside the box. Photographers rarely think of Honduras. But think again because Honduras holds its own wealth of tropical wildlife and I’ve always found it completely safe.…
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Wild Horses of the Bordo

On a recent journey to New Mexico, Mary and I went on a side trip to locate the wild horses of the Bordo Atravesado Herd Management Area. It took us two tries, a trip to the BLM office and about 70 miles of gravel road, but we finally succeeded in locating them.…
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I spend a lot of time in the outdoors by myself. Mostly in south Texas. I’m often asked if I’m afraid of insert whatever that person is afraid of. The truth is, at certain times of the year I’m terrified….of chiggers.…
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The Homely Javelina

Javelina in south Texas, by Jeff Parker
The Javelina (have-a-leen-ah) has a special place in my heart. My first award-winning photograph (below left) was a javelina and my first magazine cover (in Texas Wildlife, a mother with her babies — right ) were both Javelina shots. This pig-like critter is not in the same family as pigs.…
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Crested Caracara

This boldly patterned raptor is one of the many south Texas specialty birds popular with birders and photographers. The Crested Caracara (Caracara cheriway), sometimes called a Mexican Eagle, acts like a vulture and is classified as a falcon. The Crested Caracara is the only Caracara species to be found in the United States.…
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