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Jeff Parker's tips for photographing animals in the snow

7 Tips for Snow Photography

February often brings winter’s biggest storms so I figured now made a good time to post these “7 Tips for Snow Photography.” I kept them simple, but feel free to shoot me an email if you want more details. 1) Watch the contrast.…
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Explore Texas ~ Book Release Event ~ June 2016

It’s now finally official:“Explore Texas: A Nature Travel Guide,” the book that my wife, Mary O. Parker and I have been working on for a few years will be out at the beginning of June. It’s being released by Texas A&M University Press.…
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Beauty of Bosque del Apache NWR

My wife, Mary O. Parker, and I have been thinking of the beauty of Bosque del Apache NWF. This is about the time of year when Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge begins to come fully to life. That got my wife Mary to reminiscing about the tours and visits we enjoy there.…
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Fall Foliage in McKittrick Canyon

The fall foliage in McKittrick Canyon makes a great subject for nature photography. Now that it’s actually cooler than 90 degrees here in central Texas, I can finally wrap my mind around photographing Texas in autumn. Below, you’ll find some info about one of my favorite autumn destinations.…
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Big Bend Photo Tour ~ Trip Report

This year’s Big Bend Photo Tour took place over the second weekend in April 2015. I have never seen the park so green nor have I ever witnessed the profusion of wildflowers that we had. We couldn’t have timed the tour better!…
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Why I Love the Desert

Recently, I meandered my way to and from the NANPA Summit, which was held in San Diego in February. My route took me through the backcountry of San Diego, the deserts of southern-California, and much of the Southwest. The journey, combined with my growing excitement about next month’s Big Bend Photo Tour, highlighted how my favorite places -— tropical rainforests and deserts —- are pretty much opposites.…
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Photographing Fall Landscapes

Now that the weather is cooling down are you about ready to start photographing fall landscapes? I am! In fact, I’m heading to Vermejo Park Ranch next week for my Elk & Aspen Photo Tour and, in addition to photographing bugling elk, we’ll be focusing on the golden Aspen leaves.…
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Big Bend Landscape Photography ~ My 4th of July Bash

Fourth of July was coming up and I was solo. Mary was off to North Carolina at a writer’s retreat and had left me to my own devices so I figured it would be a good time to do some Big Bend landscape photography.…
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Wildflower Photography Tips

It was 26 degrees here at Red Belly this morning. Cold for us, but for many of you I suspect that would be considered warm! After months of really nippy temps here, I see signs of spring “springing” and the beginning of great wildflower photography opportunities.…
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Vermejo Park Ranch Elk & Aspen ~ 2013 Trip Report

Eight photographers joined me for the sold-out 2013 Vermejo Park Ranch Elk & Aspen Photo Tour, the first-ever event of its kind at this historic New-Mexican ranch. Participants enjoyed many opportunities to create incredible wildlife shots and images of the sublime beauty of the Vermejo Park Ranch landscape.…
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Nugent Mountain in Big Bend, by Jeff Parker

Big Bend in the Snow

Big Bend National Park is one of my favorite places. When I heard there was a snow storm forecast for west Texas, I started making plans for a quick trip out to photograph Big Bend in the snow. Since that doesn’t happen often there, I had never had the opportunity to experience this phenomenon.…
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Sunrise at Bosque del Apache NWR

Bosque del Apache Photo Tour

Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge in New Mexico is one of my favorite places and a must-do for a wildlife photographer. Mary and I met some friends there the first weekend in December. Our first morning held an extravagant sunrise display complete with a Snow Goose blast-off in front of the wild colors.…
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