Beauty of Bosque del Apache NWR

Beauty of Bosque del Apache NWR, Bosque del Apache Photo Tour with Jeff Parker
My wife, Mary O. Parker, and I have been thinking of the beauty of Bosque del Apache NWF. This is about the time of year when Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge begins to come fully to life. That got my wife Mary to reminiscing about the tours and visits we enjoy there. She does so below:

MARY SHARES ~ Waiting for Blast-off at Bosque:

The sun hasn’t yet risen and it’s cold -—very cold—- outside. To roll out from the warm and fluffy king-sized bed takes determination, but always I am determined to do so. I know the reward it will bring.

This marks our annual late-autumn sojourn to Socorro, New Mexico. As I dress in layers and prepare to arrive at the nearby Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge in time for sunrise, I anticipate the splendor that awaits.

There, Sandhill Cranes and Snow Geese flock together upon the water in the morning mist. Like me, they aren’t yet fully awake. And, like me, I imagine, they too breathe in the gratitude of this new day.

Thousands of these winged beauties gather each fall in this region as they settle in for the winter. Bosque del Apache offers one of North America’s most dramatic places to revel in this phenomenon.

I’ve packed the camp stove and when the cold clamps its tightest, I’ll make steaming hot cocoa for everyone. Together, we’ll watch in wonder at the scene that unfolds before us. As the sun edges upward, it peeks through wispy cirrostratus clouds and over the mountains, painting the new-day sky in marigold, amber, and saffron yellow. I’ll sip the hot liquid, savoring the warmth as it courses through me. And I’ll say a silent prayer to thank life for once again sharing its grace with me.

I can think of no better way to begin a day than with such perfect peace. No better way than in the company of the birds’ brightening silhouettes, the light’s luminescence, and the companionship of those who’ve joined us for this awe-inspiring sight.

* * * * *
PLEASE JOIN ME ~ Early-December 2016 as I head back for my Bosque del Apache Photo Tour ~ 2016.