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Photographing Wildlife in the South Texas Brush Country

Photographing wildlife in the South Texas Brush Country is one of my favorite things to do. Don’t be tricked by the desolate look of the landscape. Truth is, its biodiversity makes it one of North America’s best places for photographing wildlife.…
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ETTR: Expose to the Right and the Benevolence of RAW

So you’ve probably heard the term “expose to the right” (ETTR) in regards to digital photography. The image above is an extreme example of this. This shot was accidentally exposed WAY to the right as I was shooting in manual mode and forgot to adjust my shutter speed after shooting in the shade.…
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Raptor Photography Tips

Now that winter has arrived, I figured this would be a good time to post these Raptor Photography Tips so that those of you who don’t subscribe to my newsletter can take advantage of them, too. The word “raptor” comes from the Latin “rapere,” which means “to snatch, take, or carry off.” This style of hunting—snatching prey and carrying it off—unites all raptors.…
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