SOUTH TEXAS BIRDS Photo Tour ~ 2018

May 3-7, 2018

South Texas Birds in Focus Photo Tour with Jeff Parker

For frame-filling photos and smooth & clean backgrounds, South Texas — & its photo ranches — is how you do it!  And my “South Texas Birds in Focus Photo Tour” gets you up-close & personal with a diverse group of birds.

This South Texas Photo Tour includes two (2) unique destinations, both privately-owned photo-ranches, specially-created for & by wildlife photographers.

As a native Texan I know the South Texas Brush Country well. I spent lots of my youth there. This is one of my favorite tours to lead because, while the brusada doesn’t offer much in the way of shootable landscapes, it simply bursts with wildlife!

Our main targets will be birds, but other animals frequent the blinds at the photo ranches, too, including Mexican ground squirrels, javelina, snakes, frogs, lizards, armadillos, the occasional bobcat, deer, & cottontails.

Wildlife photographers from throughout the world consider South Texas a top destination for capturing amazing images and the owners of the privately-owned venues on our itinerary understand bird & wildlife photography & your needs.

I’ll be there with you as your personal guide & tutor, to make sure you get the shots you’re after.   Count on me to help you understand better what you need to tweak & adjust to get better shots throughout the tour.

During the middle of the day, we’ll focus on reviewing & critiquing images so we can problem-solve so that you can adjust for any issues before we head out again to shoot. 

This all inclusive, 4-night photo tour has space for just six (6) photographers. (~ Five (5) spots left ~)

South Texas Birds Photo Tour with Jeff Parker


  • Eight (8) photo-shoots
  • My one-on-one assistance, instruction, & guidance throughout your tour
  • Image review & critique
  • Private ranch access & fees
  • Meals, snacks, & non-alcoholic drinks from Thursday night, May 3rd through breakfast on Monday morning, May 7th.
  • Four (4) nights lodging (double-occupancy*; air-conditioned; with Wi-Fi Internet).

*NOTE:   For an additional cost, single occupancy is available for the final night of the tour; unfortunately, it is not possible to offer single supplement the first three (3) nights.

Does NOT Include:

Transportation to, from, or during tour (we’ll rely on carpooling as necessary), alcoholic beverages, laundry service, and tips (optional).

Expect ops to photograph these south-Texas specialties:

• Painted Buntings
• Crested Caracaras
• Harris’s Hawks
• Green Jays
• Golden-Fronted Woodpeckers
• Greater Roadrunners
• Great Kiskadees
• Northern Cardinals
• Pyrrhuloxias
• Curve-billed Thrashers
• Bronzed Cowbirds
• Black-throated Sparrows
• White-winged Doves
• Inca Doves
• Lesser Goldfinch
• Cottontail rabbits
• Black-tailed jackrabbits
• Javelina
• Mexican ground squirrels
• …and more!

South Texas Birds Photo Tour with Jeff Parker

Join me for this all-inclusive “South Texas Birds Photo Tour ~ 2018” during which we’ll photograph at two different renowned Lower Rio Grande Valley locations.

The proprietors of the venues we’ll visit have created sanctuaries for both wildlife and photographers. These sweet spots include photogenic watering holes, active feeding stations, and specially crafted photo-blinds.

DATE: May 3 ~ May 7, 2018
PRICE: $1795.00
SPACE FOR: Six (6) ~ Five (5) spots left ~

Please read our CANCELLATION POLICY before purchasing

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South Texas Birds Photo Tour with Jeff Parker

South Texas Birds Photo Tour 2018, with Jeff Parker