SE ARIZONA Photo Tour ~ 2019

April 30 - May 4, 2019
Southeast Arizona

This SE Arizona Photo Tour offers lots of fodder for your lenses, including birds you'll find no where else in the United States.  Overall, Southeastern Arizona boasts nearly 250 avian species.

This SE Arizona Photo Tour offers loads of action for your lenses, including the activities of birds you’ll find no where else in the United States.  Overall, Southeastern Arizona boasts nearly 250 avian species.

We’ll take advantage of the area’s winged variety throughout the photo tour. Our journey will include visits and lodging at privately-owned locations where birds are fed year-round.

One of our destinations is well-known among wildlife photographers as a great place to get bat shots. The owner keeps blinds, perches, water, and set-ups in place year-round so that you can take advantage of the right light and get great backgrounds.
Magnificent Hummingbird in Southeastern Arizona, by Jeff Parker

Another of our destinations, nestled into Madera Canyon, is famous with birders and photographers alike for the numbers of birds it attracts. We’ll lodge there underneath its peaceful oaks and next to a stream, enjoying reprieve from the seasonal desert heat.

This region is also known as the Hummingbird Capital of the United States and the tiny speedsters will certainly be one of our main subjects. Fifteen species of hummers have been seen at the lodge where we’ll spend a chunk of our time. 

We aim to photograph Broad-billed, Magnificent, Black-chinned, Anna’s, and Broad-tailed Hummingbirds, and more.  I’ll bring along all the high-speed flash equipment — in addition to the printed backgrounds — so you don’t have to.

This all inclusive, 4-night photo tour has space for just eight (8) photographers.


Tuesday, April 30th:
Meet at noon at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum – An afternoon here is a wonderful introduction to the native fauna of Arizona. This site hosts free-flying birds in an aviary as well as a special hummingbird enclosure. We’ll start the tour with some shots here so we can prepare our cameras — and ourselves — for bird photography. I’ll be on-hand to help with your settings and work out any photography issues you might encounter. We’ll enjoy an early dinner (around 4:00 pm) at one of the great restaurants on-site. Following dinner, we’ll head to our lodging in the mountains.

Wednesday, May 1st:
We’ll get started right outside our cabins in Madera Canyon.  I’ll provide the multi-flash hummingbird setups as well as a natural light setups for the other birds. Here, in the mountains, expect to photograph different species than at the desert blinds. 

Thursday, May 2nd:
Another day at Madera Canyon.  We’ll have setups right outside our rooms that you can utilize throughout the day.  Some may opt to go in search of the Elegant Trogon up the canyon.

Join Jeff Parker in Southeastern Arizona in 2019 for his photo tour there.

Friday, May 3rd:
Early-morning and afternoon desert bird photo shoots at a private location specifically designed and maintained for photography. After our first shoot, we’ll eat lunch together. After lunch and some time to relax, we’ll head back to the blinds and photograph until dark.

Saturday, May 4th:
Our first shoot takes place early-morning at the same special spot as yesterday — the private desert location specifically designed and maintained for photography. After our morning shoot, we’ll grab some lunch, return to our rooms, and relax. We’ll do one more evening/afternoon shoot at the sweet spot down the mountain and then dine out for dinner. After dark, we’ll do bat photography…photographing the mammals as they zip over the water to grab mosquitoes or other insect meals.


  • Nine (9) photo-shoots
  • My one-on-one assistance, instruction, & guidance throughout your tour
  • Image review & critique
  • Private photography ranch access & fees
  • Use of multi-flash set ups
  • Meals, snacks, & beverages from Tuesday evening, April 30 through dinner on Saturday evening, May 4. (Lunch and dinner only)
  • Five (5) nights lodging (double-occupancy; air-conditioned; Wi-Fi spotty in mountains).

Does NOT Include:

Transportation to, from, or during tour (we’ll rely on carpooling as necessary), breakfast, alcoholic beverages, laundry service, and tips (optional).

Join Jeff Parker in Southeastern Arizona for his 2019 photo tour.

Here’s a list of some of what we hope to photograph during this tour:

• Mexican Jay
• House Finch
• Acorn Woodpecker
• Ladder-backed Woodpecker
• Northern Cardinal
• Pyrrhuloxia
• Varied Bunting
• Broad-billed Hummingbird
• Magnificent Hummingbird
• Black-chinned Hummingbird
• Anna’s Hummingbird
• Broad-tailed Hummingbird
• Gambel’s Quail
• White-winged Dove
• Mourning Dove
• Greater Roadrunner
• Bridled Titmouse
• Verdin
• White-breasted Nuthatch
• Cactus Wren
• Lesser Goldfinch
• Antelope Ground Squirrel
• Black-tailed Jackrabbit
• Desert Cottontail Rabbit


There are minimal physical requirements for this tour. Your vehicle will be parked close to the photo blinds. Hummingbird photography will be done near your room in the mountains.

The nearest airport & car rental is Tuscon International Airport (airport code: TUS).

Phoenix provides another great option for those flying & renting a car. The airport there is called Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. It’s airport code is PHX.

Interstate 10 connects Tuscon & Phoenix via an easy drive that will take you about 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Click on this EQUIPMENT CHECKLIST (PDF) to see what equipment I suggest you bring along. You do NOT have to own it all nor bring it all. If you have any questions about suitable or minimum equipment needed, please do not hesitate to contact me.


    • DATE:  April 30 – May 4, 2019
    • SPACE FOR:   Eight (8)
    • PRICE:   $2295 ~ ALL-INCLUSIVE (double-occupancy)
    • DEPOSIT:   $500.00
    • FINAL PAYMENT DUE::   60 days before start of tour

SE Arizona Photo Tour ~ 2019 with Jeff Parker