JAGUARS of the PANTANAL Photo Tour ~ 2018

July 30 ~ August 9, 2018

Jaguars of the Pantanal Photo Tour with Jeff Parker

In August 2018 I head once more to Brazil to lead my “Jaguars of the Pantanal Photo Tour. ” Group size is only EIGHT (8) Please join me in 2019!

I consider the Pantanal the wildlife superlative capital of the world! There you can photograph:

    • JAGUARS ~ World’s largest subspecies. At up to 350 lbs., these felines are about double the size of an average Amazonian jaguar and the 3rd largest cat in the world (after the lion and tiger). We average two sightings per day while in Jaguar Country. That includes great chances to watch behavior, including stalking prey. (~ $2500 money-back guarantee you’ll see a jaguar.)
    • GIANT RIVER OTTER ~ World’s largest member of the weasel family. These endangered carnivores can grow up to 6-feet long. Locals have given them the moniker “river wolves.” We do at least one early morning shoot in a lagoon with the otters so we can capture them in sweet light while they chomp on fish.

Explore in Focus™ with Jeff Parker during his Jaguars of the Pantanal Photo Tour.

    • CAPYBARA ~ World’s largest rodent. You never knew “rodents” could be so cool! These tail-less critters can weigh as much as 130-lbs., which makes watching a jaguar take one it has hunted out of the river an impressive experience.
    • JABIRU STORK ~ World’s largest stork. These birds are so large they use them to “deliver” full-grown adults. Okay, but seriously, these ungainly birds are huge! And they’re also interesting to see through the lens. One of our lodges has a Jabiru nest on-site.
    • HYACINTH MACAW ~ World’s largest macaw. Of the world’s 372 parrot species, these endangered, cobalt blue beauties measure the longest—- typically 3-feet high. We’re sometimes able to photograph them from as close as 6-feet.

Hyacinth Macaw Pantanal Photo Tour

    • BRAZILIAN (Lowland) TAPIR ~ Largest land mammal in South America. Classified as a “vulnerable species” by IUCN, this herbivore, which stands about 3-feet tall at the shoulders, uses its long, bendable proboscis to strip branches of leaves and fruit. While getting photos of these shy mammals presents a real challenge, we have gotten good views of them on every trip.
    • PARAGUAYAN CAIMAN ~ World’s highest density of any crocodilian species. Watching these reptiles do their morning “water dance” is a sight to see! And seeing them — and photographing them — with a fish in their jaws is very possible.
    • OCELOT ~ During my 2016 tour, we had the chance to photograph ocelots at our first lodge. I’m hoping we’ll have that chance again, but I can’t promise ocelots like I can jaguars. As nocturnal carnivores they often take to the trees to hunt monkeys and iguanas. Like jaguars, ocelots will also head to the water for food.
    • OTHER ANIMALS OF NOTE ~ Black Howler Monkeys, Brown-tufted Capuchin Monkeys, Rhea, Marsh Deer, Brocket Deer, Crab-eating Fox, and…and…this region is amazingly rich in biodiversity.
    • …AND BIRDS ~ This UNESCO World Heritage Site also provides habitat for over 690 species of birds. See Caracara, Toucans, King Vultures (possibly…), Monk Parakeets, other parrot species & more.
  • Explore in Focus™ with Jeff Parker during his Jaguars of the Pantanal Photo Tour.
    We’ll spend nine (9) days & nights exploring and photographing the wildlife-rich Brazilian Pantanal.

    The trip includes all lodging and dining, including a welcome dinner at a churrascaria in Cuiaba the first night,  five (5) nights of double-occupancy in a Jaguar Suite on a floating hotel, in addition to four (4) nights of double-occupancy at another wildlife-rich lodge in the Pantanal. Each night at the floating hotel includes a biologist-led presentation to teach about the region & its wildlife.


    • 1. I offer a $2500 money back guarantee that you will see a jaguar. (Note: guarantee applies for those who go on all jaguar photo shoots).
    • 2. Lodging on the floating hotel while in Jaguar Country puts us much closer to the action than land-based lodges in the preserve area. (We get to cats faster when they’re spotted.)
    • 3. Your tour includes a Jaguar Suite on the floating hotel, not a “regular” room — a huge improvement!
    • 4. Your first night in Brazil, I treat you to an authentic meal at an awesome churrascaria. You haven’t lived until you’ve experienced a real Brazilian churrascaria — a dining experience during which the waiters move around the restaurant with nearly a dozen cuts of meat, slicing portions directly onto your plate. Dinner also includes an amazing buffet of local side dishes, salads, breads, and desserts.
    • 5. Our guides and boat driver maintain radio contact with others in the field so we benefit from many experienced eyes on the look-out for the cats for us.
    • 6. My tour includes a night of lodging in Cuiaba (your first night).
    • 7. Our contacts/the camp operators are also researchers. They’ve mapped the cats’ territories and study their behavior. This means they know the jaguars and their habits well.
    • 8. Each of your five evenings on the floating hotel includes a biologist-led presentation about the area’s fauna. The biologist is part of the operator’s staff and works full time helping to coordinate and collect data.
    • 9. On our ride from the floating hotel back to our land-based lodge (for our final two nights) we take an air conditioned bus along the dirt Transpantaneira road. The ride to Jaguar Country takes place on an old-fashioned open-air truck — fun and great for wildlife viewing the first time, but when we head back most folks are ready for a more comfortable ride.
    • 10. Your four (4) nights at the land-based lodge also include boat-based photography, a Jabiru nest on-site, the chance to photograph monkeys, birds of prey, Monk parakeets, toucans, Jabiru Storks, capybara, and Hyacinth Macaws. In 2016, we also spent two evenings there photographing ocelots!
    • 11. For U.S. citizens, Mary O. & I will do a Brazilian Consulate run to assist clients obtain their Brazilian visas (Please see details below under “VISA”).

    From your arrival in Cuiabá, the trip is all-inclusive (double-occupancy).

    Lodging is included in Cuiabá so you can rest up before we head out to Jaguar Country. Our welcome dinner takes place at an authentic traditional Brazilian steakhouse (a churrascaria).

    Jaguars of the Pantanal Photo Tour with Jeff Parker It’s an amazing experience to witness a wild jaguar stalking prey. This male had his eyes on a capybara.


    PLEASE NOTE: This is an estimated schedule and we’ll do our best to stick to this itinerary, but certain conditions may necessitate changes. Good photographic experiences & plenty of chances to view wildlife will be our goals at all times.

  • Monday, July 30: Arrive. Overnight in Cuiaba. Dinner at a Brazilian steakhouse (an authentic churrascaria).
  • Tuesday, July 31: The real fun begins as we travel to our first lodge in the Pantanal.
  • Wednesday, August 1: Boat excursion from land-based lodge to photograph wildlife; more photography at & near lodge. Night time wildlife-viewing excursion in old-timey, open-air truck.
  • Thursday, August 2: Travel to the floating hotel, wildlife watching along the way. Settle into your double-occupancy Jaguar Suite. Afternoon shoot in the heart of Jaguar Country.
  • Join Jeff in Brazil for his "Jaguars of the Pantanal Photo Tour" and photograph wild ocelots
  • Friday, August 3 – Monday, August 6: Boat-based excursions to photograph jaguars, caiman, giant otters, capybara, Hyacinth Macaws, toucans, monkeys, & other wildlife in the heart of Jaguar Country.
  • Tuesday, August 7: Head back to first lodge via closed bus (not open truck this time). Evening photo shoot there.
  • Wednesday, August 8: Photograph wildlife at or near the lodge. Take a boat-based photo excursion. Evening photo shoot.
  • Thursday, August 9: Head back to Cuiaba, wildlife watching along the way.


  • Double-occupancy accommodations for nine (9) nights (includes 5 nights in a Jaguar Suite on a floating hotel)
  • Meals from your arrival in Cuiabá on the first day of the tour to drop off at the Cuiabá airport on the last day of the tour.
  • Welcome Dinner at an authentic churrascaria (Brazilian steakhouse)
  • Ground transportation.
  • River trips.
  • Nightly biologist-led presentations while we’re on the floating hotel
  • Services of local guides & boat drivers.
  • An extensive dossier
  • Jeff’s guidance, instruction and image review.

Jaguars of Pantanal Photo Tour with Jeff Parker


Any other lodging in Brazil that’s not included in the itinerary. Airfare to Cuiabá, Brazilian visa, travel insurance, tips, alcoholic beverages (watch out for those caipirinhas!), canned & bottled sodas, medical expenses, laundry service, and any other personal items. The extensive dossier that we provide before the tour begins will include information about tipping protocols on this tour.

Please note that Brazil requires U.S. residents to have a visa.


You’ll want to fly into the airport in Cuiabá (Marechal Rondon International Airport). The airport code is CGB.

Please plan to arrive about mid-day on July 30, 2018 in Cuiabá if possible.

Your flight will be long and you will be very tired when you arrive so we feel that it’s best that you get a good night’s sleep in a bed—as opposed to an airplane seat!—before we begin adventuring into the Pantanal. Please plan to join us for the welcome dinner at a traditional Brazilian churrascaria the night of July 30th.

Jaguars of the Pantanal Photo Tour with Jeff Parker

Photographing wildlife on the way to the houseboat hotel in the midst of jaguar country.

We’ll send out complete dossiers when your photo tour grows closer and it will include, among lots of other things, a packing list. In the meantime, if you’re wondering what sort of photography equipment you might need on a trip like this, here is the EQUIPMENT CHECKLIST (PDF) I send out with the dossier.

NOTE: You do not have to own everything on the checklist to get good shots in Pantanal! It’s a list of recommended equipment. If you have any questions about the minimum lenses, etc. that will get you though, don’t hesitate to ask!


  • DATES: Monday, July 30 — Thursday, August 9, 2018
  • PRICE: $7,495
  • SPACE FOR:  Eight (8) ~ Please join me in 2019!
  • DEPOSIT AMOUNT:  $1500
  • PAYMENT DUE DATES:  A total of half the cost of the tour due 6-months before departure.   Remaining balance due 60-days prior to start date of tour.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please read our CANCELLATION POLICY before purchasing

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