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Join Jeff Parker for his Pumas & Peaks of Patagonia Photo Tour

Outdoor Photographer Puma Article

I am stoked to share the great news! The April 2018 issue of Outdoor Photographer features my image of a puma from Patagonia on the cover. It also includes the article I wrote about the Pumas of Patagonia, along with a host of additional images.…
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No border wall at Santa Ana NWR!

No Border Wall at Santa Ana NWR!

The Great Kiskadee is just one of the many special animals that live in Santa Ana NWR. I am strongly against the construction of the do-nothing border wall, particularly in the few remaining natural areas of the Lower Rio Grande Valley such as Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge.…
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Bat Viewing in Texas

Bat viewing in Texas heats up in the summer, especially in August. Bats live on every continent except Antarctica. Of the 1,000 or so unique species worldwide, 70% eat insects. In Texas, we have 32 species of bats statewide. (Learn about 10 of them here.) In Texas, our most numerous species is the Mexican Free-tailed Bat (Tadarida brasiliensis).…
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It’s about the Experience…

Puma wild and free in Patagonia.I know you’ve seen the shots. The mountain lion leaping from one red rock to another. The close-up of the beautiful, fluffy wolf. The stunning snow leopard slinking through the snow. I can virtually guarantee these are shots of game farm animals.…
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Explore Texas ~ Book Release Event ~ June 2016

It’s now finally official:“Explore Texas: A Nature Travel Guide,” the book that my wife, Mary O. Parker and I have been working on for a few years will be out at the beginning of June. It’s being released by Texas A&M University Press.…
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Bosque del Apache Photo Tour

National Wildlife Refuges ~ America’s Better Idea

Bosque del Apache NWR The National Parks have famously been called “America’s best idea.” I have visited many of our National Parks and they ARE awesome. However, I tend to think that our National Wildlife Refuges are “America’s Better Idea.” Our National Parks were created for their scenic beauty or historical significance.…
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Photography Play Day

7 Tips for Backyard Bird Photography

Jeff Parker provides these 7 tips for backyard bird photography to get you started making better images of the winged wonders in your neighborhood.These 7 tips for backyard bird photography will help you make better images of the winged critters that frequent your yard.…
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Beauty of Bosque del Apache NWR

My wife, Mary O. Parker, and I have been thinking of the beauty of Bosque del Apache NWF. This is about the time of year when Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge begins to come fully to life. That got my wife Mary to reminiscing about the tours and visits we enjoy there.…
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Pumas & Peaks of Patagonia photo tour with Jeff Parker/Explore in Focus™

Year of the Cat

Adult female puma ~ ©Jeff Parker It seems that instead of “birders,” Mary and I have become “catters.” In the last 12 months, we have seen five species of big cats in the wild and I got a glimpse of a smaller one—Geoffroy’s cat—during the Patagonia trip in April.…
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Sea Turtle Hatchlings Run for Water at North Padre Island National Sea Shore, Texas

Sea Turtles and Such

I thought since mid-summer is the time for sea-turtle releases along the Texas Gulf, this would make a timely blog post. As many of you know, Mary and I have a book coming out titled, “Explore Texas ~ A Nature Travel Guide” through Texas A&M University Press.…
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Jeff Parker's photo tour of Pumas of Patagonia.

Pumas in Patagonia

Wild adult puma, Torres del Paine National Park, Chile ~ ©Jeff Parker“There he is!” whispers my wife Mary O. We’re near Torres del Paine National Park, Chile sitting in a van in the cold rain. Mary O. has just spotted a large male puma making his way down the hill to the guanaco kill we’ve been watching for the last hour.…
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Best Nature Destinations near El Paso

I’ve been working steady getting images ready for the book that Mary and I are doing for Texas A&M University Press. It’s tentatively titled “Explore Texas — A Nature Travel Guide” and will be out in spring 2016. I thought I’d share some of the best nature destinations near El Paso that we’ve featured in the book.…
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Jaguars of the Pantanal Photo Tour with Jeff Parker

Jaguars of the Pantanal ~ & Capybara, Caiman, Jabiru Storks, Hyacinth Macaws…Oh my!

Bianca “Pantanal!”—a word that conjures up images of jaguars, capybara, caiman, Jabiru Storks, and Hyacinth Macaws…truly “Oh my!” “Pantanal” equals neotropical wildlife photography at it’s finest. Here, seeing the normally elusive Jaguar is as close as you can get to a sure bet.…
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The Whooping Cranes Return!

Endangered Whooping Cranes (Grus americana) have returned to the Texas Gulf and will remain until early-spring.The “Whoopers” have returned to the Texas coast and will be with us until early-spring, prompting me to write a little about these big birds that I love so much.…
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