I have experienced several of Jeff’s tours and have found them to be well organized and I got what was advertised.

Jeff is a rarity as far as it goes for guides. He is a good listener, concerned about your needs and best of all patient, humble and helpful. You can’t go wrong when you go with Jeff. 

I recommend Jeff to all my photographer friends when the subject of guides come up. 

~ J.A. – Seal Beach,  CA 

When I attended my first workshop with Jeff a year and a half ago, I only knew how to use my camera in full automatic mode, and took less than mediocre pictures. Now, several workshops and an amazing trip to the Pantanal later, my skills have developed from basically documenting nature to creating pictures that people enjoy looking at. 
Jeff not only teaches the technical details of photography, but also addresses the creative side, like composition, color combinations etc., the whole package. 
Whether you’re attending a workshop at their ranch (where you also get to enjoy Mary O’s wonderful hospitality and cooking!), or are on a tour with Jeff, he always makes sure you get great photography opportunities and learn about nature at the same time. 
The workshops and tours are very well organized and of an informal nature.  As a participant you only have to focus on the fun of photographing the beautiful things nature has to offer.
~ M.S. – Brevard, NC  

I have been on five tours with Jeff Parker /Explore in Focus:  three times in Texas, Costa Rica and the Pantanal in Brazil.

I am signed up and looking forward to the Wildflower Workshop and the Big Bend Photo Tour this spring.

Jeff Parker freely shares his technical skills and composition ideas with participants and tries to accommodate the needs of all attendees to his tours and workshops.

All tours have been well-organized, reasonably priced and provided excellent opportunities for the images I wanted. You will definitely get your money’s worth with Jeff!

~ J.E. – Reston, VA

Jeff does an outstanding job with his tours.  He’s always highly organized and available for instruction in the field.  His low-key personality makes traveling with him enjoyable.  I highly recommend doing a photo tour with him.

~ T.M. – New York, NY

Great People! Great Service! Jeff and Mary O are an extremely personable and client oriented team. Always inclusive. They put their client’s needs and desires first.

Jeff shoots with you on site but is always accessible, willing and able to answer all questions. He has an equal command of the photographic workflow and technique as well as the natural history of the subject and situation at hand.

If a guide service is necessary Jeff prides himself on utilizing local guides who understand photography and photographers.

The right place at the right time. We have attended multiple tours and workshops with them within the same calendar year. Nothing grows old or feels repetitive.

We will return. Thank you Jeff. Thank you Mary O.

~ S.M. – Conway, NH

Jeff Parker’s “Digital Basics Photography Workshop” was a perfect experience.  This was my first time attending a photo workshop and it was an extremely well-planned event.  

The entire day was balanced between Jeff’s informative training lectures and camera time in the field.  I found this to be a valuable method of understanding the features of the camera coupled with Jeff’s shared knowledge of photography.  

I would highly recommend attending a workshop by Jeff Parker.

A.F.  –  Bastrop, Texas

 Jeff and Mary O. are amazing hosts and offer the best of the best.  We have gone on two photo tours and have also attended several of their workshops.

On our Bosque del Apache Photo Tour we were given one-on-one attention and they went above and beyond to make sure we were happy.   Jeff takes his time to show us the perfect time to take shots and which cameras settings to use.  Mary O. offers amazing services to us and makes sure all our needs are met.

I will always be a lifelong fan and plan on taking many more trips with them (in fact we’re doing the Big Bend Photo Tour with them next!).

~ N.T. – San Antonio, Texas

I have attended four of Jeff’s workshops at his Red Belly Ranch.  I have learned at each of them and, just as important, they were very enjoyable.   Jeff’s presentations are very good and his critiques are given in a friendly and constructive manner.

Mary O’s hospitality is something that is hard to describe.  From the moment you meet Mary O. she makes you feel like a long-time friend that she is truly happy to see. Mary O. provides lunches that are gourmet quality.

In my opinion, Jeff’s workshops are a terrific value and offer something for both the novice and experienced photographers of all levels.

~ W. D. – Bryan, Texas


Out of the many photography classes and workshops I have participated in, Jeff’s are the best. So often what you get is a lecture period followed by “go out and shoot,” but Jeff, assisted by his artist and educator wife, Mary O., follows a truly educational approach.

The day is filled with educational sessions with visual examples and handouts interspersed with numerous specific shooting exercises to use the skill just taught. There is constant interaction and review.

In addition to the excellent sessions, those lucky enough to take a workshop at Red Belly Ranch will be treated to Mary O.’s gourmet cooking.

A Jeff Parker/Explore in Focus workshop is a must for anyone truly interested in becoming a better photographer.

~ S.V. – Dallas, Texas

Jeff has been a longtime friend to our nature photography club, providing programs at our meetings, material for our newsletter, and judging our annual contest.

Several years ago, my wife and I visited Red Belly Ranch for a day of photographing hummingbirds. It was my first opportunity to shoot hummers with a multi-flash set up. In addition to capturing some great hummingbird shots, we got to know both Jeff and Mary O a little better, and enjoyed a wonderful lunch.

So, when Jeff advertised his Explore in Focus “PUMAS and PEAKS of PATAGONIA Photo Tour” last year, I signed up.

I could not have been more pleased with the experience. Once on the Torres Del Paine location, we saw and photographed cats every day. Jeff’s knowledge and experience contributed to a highly successful and enjoyable trip.

Having shared sleeping and bathroom accommodations with Jeff for nearly two weeks, I can honestly say that I would not hesitate to do it again if he will have me.

~ L.P. – Dallas, Texas

I have been on MANY photo tours and have found Explore in Focus™ to be in the top tier!

I have traveled on photo tours with Jeff on several occasions and have always come away with an amazing feeling like I’ve just shared a wonderful time with wonderful people.

Jeff is able to assess your photographic education needs and can be a tremendous help with your technical skills as well as informative about the flora and fauna of the specific area you are visiting. 

Jeff and his wife Mary O go above and beyond your expectations with the little details that make a trip special.

~ B.M. – Bartlett, Tennessee