Looking for photo tours & photography workshops focused on nature & wildlife?

Explore in Focus™ with award-winning naturalist photographer, Jeff Parker when you join him for his photo tours & workshops.

Jeff leads the naturally curious on photo tours throughout North, Central, and South America.

He also offers nature photography workshops at his central-Texas Red Belly Ranch, which are  designed to enhance your technical know-how as well as your understanding of the natural world.

Also, keep up with his current happenings — including free NANPA Meet-up events he’s leading, talks he’s giving, and which workshops and tours are just about to sell out — on his Facebook page.

Look for Jeff’s photographs in the book, Explore Texas — A Nature Travel Guide (Texas A&M University Press; Spring 2016), written by his wife, Mary O. Parker.


Learn more about Jeff and the experiences his clients have had on his About page.